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Provenance & Co

About Us

Provenance & Co began when award-winning graphic designer Megan Birch started scouring architectural archives looking for inspiration for a house warming gift. After happening upon an original real-estate poster for the area, she digitally restored the image, and had it reproduced as a high quality framed art print. That simple gift has become a feature of the house, being both a beautiful artwork, and also a touchstone to the home's history. It prompted other friends to become curious of their own homes' provenance, and so she decided to continue the mission giving birth to Provenance & Co.

We are now an operation headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand. We scour archives, museums, libraries and private collections to discover and license historical works for our collection. We then digitally restore and colour these works in exacting, high resolution detail, before having them professionally printed on premium quality art paper, ready to frame or mount as our clients like.

We have an extensive archive of works which we are diligently and patiently working through, restoring to our exacting standards before each release. So please contact us if you can't find what you are looking for, as it may be in our archives awaiting restoration.

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